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      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
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      Heart Spectrum Monitor(2019 New Product)

      ※ Clinical trial result: Sensitivity 100%, Specificity: 93.75%
      ※ Mercurial Sphygmomanometer+ECG+Color Doppler Ultrasonography(CDUS)+Cardiac Physician+Heart Attack Early Warning
      ※ Scientific analysis of clinical data
      ※ More than 15 items of health index, including heartbeat rates and risk of cardiovascular diseases, will be sent to the customers by the APP
      ※ APP real time reminder
      ※ Memory Function
      ※ Amples® health management
      ※ Speaking service
      ※ Blue backlight
      ※ Bodymotion detactor
      ※ Cuff tightness detactor
      ※ Language setting optional languages is according to customer's requirement※Customers can google “Amples BPM” or scan QR code to get the APP. Only Android version is available now and the IOS version will be released soon.

      Assessment of the clinical efficacy of the heart spectrum blood pressure monitor for diagnosis of atrial fibrillation An unblinded clinical trial:
      PLOS ONE13(6):e0198852.https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0198852

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