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      Fluctuated patients electronic sphygmomanometer he

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      While a number of measuring blood pressure with electronic sphygmomanometer, left and right hand data are not the same, instrument test data change a brand has changed. The day before yesterday, citizens Mr. Pu to the hospital after the doctor doubts: "electronic blood pressure meter data about 30mmhg higher than the mercury sphygmomanometer, will not affect the treatment to the patient?" Yesterday, Chengdu Business Daily reporter personally measured a variety of sphygmomanometer. Experts explain in detail the differences, said more and more test data of electronic blood pressure meter with attention for reference only, not for diagnosis. Doubt
      The patient said, "no, changeable electronic sphygmomanometer"
      The day before yesterday, the 66 year old hypertensive patients in a hospital doctor Mr. Pu came to the west. The nurse took the electronic sphygmomanometer to Mr. Pu wear out, show low pressure 90mmHg, pressure 150mmhg, gave Mr. Pu jump. Mr. Pu said: "I usually go to my home near the hospital, they are using a mercury sphygmomanometer, each antihypertensive drugs after the check result is between 70~120mmhg." Subsequently, Mr. Pu to several sales of electronic sphygmomanometer stores, found that the test results are not the same. Mr. Pu worries said, appeared difference electronic sphygmomanometer, will have an impact on the doctors treated the patient?
      Yesterday, many also have similar doubts in hypertensive patients waiting each big hospital. The 71 year old Hu Qingzhong home two electronic sphygmomanometer, but he found two instrument test data are not the same. "Finally, I specifically went to buy a mercury sphygmomanometer."
      The reporter experience: 4 instruments 4 data
      The fact that the case? Yesterday afternoon, Chengdu Business Daily reporter experience electronic blood pressure mercury sphygmomanometer and 3 sets of different brands of meter, the results are not the same.
      Mercury sphygmomanometer measurement results for high voltage 95mmhg, voltage 65mmhg. In the East Street a nearby medical appliance stores, the measurement results of "Victor" brand of electronic blood pressure meter display, high pressure low pressure 87mmhg 130mmhg left hand, right hand; high voltage 130mmhg, low voltage 85mmHg, and suddenly the press jump. In a OMRON brand shop Hongxing Road in the vicinity, tests showed high voltage 114mmhg, voltage 83mmhg.
      The staff of OMRON Zou Jinyan side with the wrist electronic sphygmomanometer for Chengdu Business Daily reporter to measure blood pressure, he said, when testing to relax, to wear electronic blood pressure monitor wrist should be put in the horizontal position and the heart, can not be left vacant, or may affect the accuracy of the.
      But, why 4 instruments test results so the gap? Which is more accurate?
      Doctor: electronic measurement results are for reference only
      Department of internal medicine Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital cardiovascular deputy chief physician He Tao said, human blood pressure is always different, people nervous, movement or speak cough, blood pressure will change. He Tao said: "we are using the mercury sphygmomanometer, electronic blood pressure meter test data for reference only, the mercury tester used for the doctor's diagnosis, more standard." He Tao suggests, the public use of electronic sphygmomanometer in the home, can continuously test three times, take an average, "but must be to the regular hospital for diagnosis and inspection, do not casually medication."
      In the second people's Hospital of Chengdu City, some doctors and nurses said clearly: "mercury sphygmomanometer is more accurate." A nurse said, the timing in the use of the mercury column blood pressure auscultation, will coordinate measurement, the accuracy is very high.
      Expert: data difference electronic sphygmomanometer there are many reasons
      Chengdu City metrological supervision and Testing Institute of physical and chemical quality of medical equipment test Senior Engineer Li Junzhong introduction, the current domestic electronic sphygmomanometer for systolic and diastolic blood pressure and no unified value. Li Junzhong said, people flow is dynamic, the operation mode can be incorrect, data will inevitably appear difference.
      "In November 11th, the state will be officially implemented detection rules for electronic sphygmomanometer." Li Junzhong reminded the public to buy time to pay attention to, whether to have the product measurement products production license "CMC" signs, no access to medical device registration certificate. Electronic sphygmomanometer and mercury sphygmomanometer is the working principle of two kinds of different. This reporter learned that, in the end who is more accurate, the industry is also controversy and discussion.

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