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      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
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      Name: HK-802
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      Arm Full-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HK-802 (Get medical certificate CE, ISO13485 , EMC, EN12470-3, IEC60601 test report approved)
      1.Display: LCD.Size:45*64mm
      2.Sensor: Capacitive Sensor
      3.Memory: 2x60, 2x99, 2x120 sets optional
      4.Measure Range: 20-300mmHg (Pressure); 30-200 beats/min (Pulse Rate)
      5.Accuracy: ±3mmHg(Pressure); ±5%(Pulse Rate)
      6.One-touch to get result & 3 minute automatic power-off
      7.WHO Indication
      8.Arrythmia (Irregular Heart Beat) Detection
      9.Average data of last 3 measuremnets
      10.Automatic pressurization using a micropump
      11.Inflation:Intellisense (exactly same as Omron's BPM)
      12.Deflation:Automatic Release Solenoid value
      13.Alkaline battery "AA"×4 6V DC
      14.Cuff Size: 22-32 cm  (Gray color)
      15.Different colours of panel available

      Optional Function & accessory:
      1.English voice broadcast or other languages
      2.Carrying bag
      3.Latex bladder cuff
      4.Grey soft cuff & printing Logo on cuff
      5.Power port & Adaptor
      6.Painting outside Panel
      8.Body motion detection
      9.Independent warranty card


      1.Product Size: 130*81*42mm
      2.Color Box Size: 160*105*80mm
      3.Unit Box Weight: 420±10g
      4.Qty per Carton: 32 pcs/ctn
      5.Carton Size: 440*340*340mm
      6.Carton Weight: 16±0.5Kg
      7.Dimension of manual: A3  paper(420*297mm)

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