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      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
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      The benefits of electronic sphygmomanometer

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      Do not understand the blood pressure state, has been the impact of China's awareness rate, treatment rate and control is one of the important reasons for the low rate of. Hypertensive patients should always self testing blood pressure, blood pressure normal, should also in the home use electronic sphygmomanometer often measure blood pressure, know they have no hypertension problem or trend, advocate family self testing is based on the above two points. Blood pressure self testing has another important function is paid close attention to prevention and treatment of hypertension, improve patient treatment compliance and enthusiasm, initiative.
      According to the survey Chinese Association of physicians, patients with hypertension in Shanghai to insist for a long time the patient self testing is only 7%, while the electronic blood pressure meter self testing in Europe reached about 75%. To improve our blood pressure in hypertensive patients self testing rate, will be an important means to improve our level of prevention and control for hypertension disease.
      Today, the traditional auscultation, get the blood pressure value with a mercury sphygmomanometer, was once the diagnosis of hypertension grading standards in the past hundreds of years have been used, however, mercury sphygmomanometer safety and health problems have not resolved, measured blood pressure readings is limited, can not accurately reflect the patient's true level of blood pressure, only as an alternative evaluation true blood pressure. While the electronic sphygmomanometer is solved this problem.
      Hypertension is more sensitive to temperature, summer vasodilation can control blood pressure better than anything. But in summer, high temperature easy to make people upset gas impatient, feel dizzy. Therefore, patients with hypertension in the summer there are a few points to note:
      1 regular blood pressure measurement in patients with hypertension will because the temperature and the expansion of vascular contraction in the summer, winter. Blood pressure meter for self testing using electronic blood pressure at a fixed time of a day.
      2 drugs need lifelong medication is flexible and scientific hypertension disease, but not all the year round even
      Students are in the same species, the same dose of medicine. According to the change of season, climate and the patient's condition, make scientific adjustments to the drug under the guidance of a doctor, make blood pressure is maintained in the best condition. This adjustment must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor, can not be stopped or replacement
      Often in the fluctuation of blood pressure. Theoretically speaking, the heart beat again, it will produce a blood pressure. Many factors affect the heart. The heartbeat is constantly changing, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes strong, sometimes weak. With the heart change, blood pressure is also in constant change. To the hospital blood pressure measurement, patient, generally can only measure a. Although there are now 24 hours ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, but a recorder 24 hours can only be used for a patient. Hypertensive patients so much, not everyone can be measured, the more impossible often repeated measurements. So to understand the patient blood pressure normal, the best method is to measure your blood pressure at home.
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