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      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
      • 東莞市好康電子科技有限公司
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      Classification of blood pressure meter?

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      Electronic sphygmomanometer was divided into two categories: medical electronic sphygmomanometer and home electronic sphygmomanometer. Medical electronic blood pressure meter, is mainly used for the hospital, outpatient, blood, blood collecting vehicle, car, medical health management of medical examination center, rehabilitation center, nursing homes, communities, schools, banks, factories, sports grounds and other public health.
      Household electronic blood pressure meter, is mainly used for family. Home health care has become a modern health care fashion. Measuring blood pressure in the past people have to go to the hospital for now as long as with domestic electronic sphygmomanometer, change sit at home will be the blood pressure monitoring at any time, such as the discovery of abnormal blood pressure can go to the hospital treatment, to prevent cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure and other diseases burst for. In recent years, based on the proposed international organization of Legal Metrology international recommendations "sphygmomanometer revised draft regulations", blood pressure meter scale change mm Hg (mmHg) for the kPa (kPa). 1kPa = 7.5mmHg, indexing on the scale value is 0.5kPa. At present, there are two kinds of blood pressure gauge on the scale, please note that the application.
      Electronic blood pressure monitor has 3 forms: one is the arm type, two is the wrist, three finger type.
      Wrist and finger type electronic blood pressure meter, is not suitable for people with blood circulation disorder patients, such as diabetes, high blood lipids, hypertension and other diseases will accelerate the hardening of the arteries, causing peripheral circulation disorders. In these patients the wrist (finger) with the upper arm blood pressure measurement values vary greatly. Suggest these patients and the elderly should choose to use the electronic sphygmomanometer arm. In addition, it should be field measurements before purchase, in order to choose the suitable for electronic blood pressure meter for yourself.
      Electronic sphygmomanometer blood pressure measurement is accurate, is a hot topic of concern in patients with hypertension. In order to let people use qualified electronic sphygmomanometer, State Bureau of quality and technical supervision in the second quarter of 1998 to the electronic sphygmomanometer in the national product quality supervision and spot checks, electronic blood pressure monitor qualified rate is 78.6%. It should be said that the current market sales of electronic blood pressure meter is basically good, can accurately measure blood pressure. However, different forms, different brands of electronic blood pressure meter in measurement of blood pressure range and there are differences in the applicability of the population prevalence of. For example, some electronic sphygmomanometer measurement of systolic blood pressure of the upper limit of 200 mmHg (26700 PA) diastolic measurement limit pressure of 150 mmHg (20000 PA). Some electronic sphygmomanometer is larger than the upper limit of the use. And as the electronic blood pressure meter intelligent application in the patient population to non intelligent electronic blood pressure meter wide. Electronic sphygmomanometer blood pressure measurement is accurate, is relative. In the electronic sphygmomanometer blood pressure measurement range allows scope and applicable patient population, blood pressure measurement is accurate. Beyond the scope of use of electronic sphygmomanometer, blood pressure measurement, allowed, or are likely to measure out.

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