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      9.09 blood pressure meter use, maintenance and Mai

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      Blood pressure meter use, maintenance and Maintenance Tips
      The common species, the sphygmomanometer
      Commonly used blood pressure meter with mercury sphygmomanometer and electronic sphygmomanometer and barometric pressure manner sphygmomanometer three. Electronic sphygmomanometer according to the division of measurement sites, can be divided into wrist, arm and finger type; according to the division of measurement methods can be divided into automatic and semi automatic type.
      Two, the proper use of mercury sphygmomanometer
      1 the correct posture: blood pressure gauge should be measuring arm, heart to maintain the same level position. Test subjects can choose a sitting or lying position measurement.
      2 open the blood pressure, the mercury column readings to zero.
      3 the sphygmomanometer cuff within the air drained, set in the above elbow arm 2 ~ 3 cm (to choose the left arm measurement as well, because the left arm centrifugal dirty near, relative measurement data is relatively stable).
      4 tie aerobic sleeve (not tied too tight or too loose), in the crook of the elbow medial touch the brachial artery beating, the stethoscope head is placed in the brachial artery, tighten the gas on the gas valve sleeve.
      5 rapid inflation pressure. On the inflation, measurement should be watched mercury sphygmomanometer. (note that the line of sight and scale to maintain the same level), and do not make the mercury rising too high. For the finger tactile radial pulse disappears, then pressure of 30 mm Hg, can stop inflating.
      Unscrew the gas valve 6, the mercury drops. When he heard the first sound pulse sounds, at this time the show is the value of systolic blood pressure readings. Continue to edge bleed to listen to, until in a pressure scale, pulse sound become weak or even disappear, at this time the show for diastolic blood pressure. Test subjects to keep calm before the measurements. After the measurement, should be at least 1 to 2 minutes after the re - tested. The choice of two as an average of the measured value of blood pressure.
      The safe disposal of 7 mercury sphygmomanometer: (1) the sphygmomanometer after use, should be about 45 degrees to the mercury sphygmomanometer mercury bottle right tilt, will be completely closed after reflux switch mercury storage bottle, to prevent the outflow of mercury. (2) a mercury storage bottle switch did not open, not to the rubber bag inflating and pressurizing. Because the switch air bag open when the mercury storing bottle, easily lead to Gong jet, causing the accident. (3) blood pressure meter if there is a problem, should be sent to the professional sector repair. The unauthorized repair is easy to cause the mercury outflow, affect your health. (4) blood pressure gauge should be placed horizontally on a smooth solid, ambient temperature of -20 to +35 DEG C, relative humidity is less than or equal to 80%.
      Three, the correct use and maintenance of electronic sphygmomanometer
      1 electronic blood pressure manometer should pay attention to what?
      You should read the use of electronic sphygmomanometer specification carefully before operation in pressure, according to the requirements of the specification used. Measured by the measurement of blood pressure should be well in advance preparations, keep quiet state for 10 to 20 minutes, the body relax, measurement should make the measuring site and heart at the same horizontal height (such as the upper arm natural prolapse, elbow and forearm can naturally take the arm of the chair or low table, but don't take the whole arm horizontally in the high on the table, or the upper arm cushion high), measurement of half an hour before eating, smoking, exercise and not to the exclusion of other factors have effects on blood pressure; it is recommended to take two times average of measurement.
      The use of electronic sphygmomanometer, although very convenient, but also will be subject to many restrictions, noise, the cuff of the surrounding environment of the upper and lower sliding and friction, are likely to have a certain impact on the measurement results. Therefore in measurement, test subjects do not speak, do not move the arm and body. The need of continuous measurement, loosen the cuff make the arm rest for at least 5 minutes before measurement. Before each measurement should press the quick release valve, gas is given off the cuff residue.
      2 electronic sphygmomanometer really accurate?
      We must first clear on one point: that is not like human blood pressure and weight or height is the same as a fixed value relative, but changing. People in the excitement, tension, movement and take a shower after drinking, smoking, blood pressure at all the same. Especially those with high blood viscosity, poor microcirculation population, compared with the wrist electronic sphygmomanometer and mercury sphygmomanometer tested results, often there will be some differences. Similarly, measuring blood pressure with electronic sphygmomanometer, two measuring time interval is too short, deflate the cuff is not complete, the human body blood pressure can not balance, also can cause measurement error.
      Some people say that the doctor measured my blood pressure and digital at home using electronic blood pressure measurement is not always the same. Numerical actually electronic blood pressure meter is a measure of body measurement time blood pressure value. Human blood pressure is constantly changing, the two measured the same blood pressure is very rare.
      Therefore, only a day at the same time, with the same posture measuring blood pressure, can receive a comparable blood pressure value. Electronic sphygmomanometer, if used correctly, and should be as accurate as the traditional mercury sphygmomanometer.
      3 electronic sphygmomanometer to care?
      Don't need too much maintenance general. As long as the attention usually do not beat, not cleaning the bathroom, according to the instructions to use it, more suitable for general family.

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