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      What kind of blood pressure meter is more accurate

      Published:2014-12-25 10:19:05Click to rate:
      Jinhua city a reader calls: I went to the hospital examination found recently, blood pressure is relatively high, this is the first time I have found this symptom. The doctor said, a measure of high blood pressure can not be diagnosed with hypertension only, want me to test several times, if each measured blood pressure more than the normal reference value, can diagnose for hypertension. But I don't know how to measure, Is it right? Every day or every two days measured, a second test. And I want to buy a blood pressure meter, to the drugstore to see, there are many styles, some blood pressure meter is arm type, some of the wrist. I asked several of the elderly, some elderly said with a wrist more convenient, some older people said arm type more precisely, what to buy what kind of blood pressure meter is better?
      Vice president, Jinhua City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in cardiovascular department chief physician Chen Xinmin said, systolic pressure of less than or equal to 140 mm / Hg, diastolic pressure is less than or equal to 90 mm / Hg as normal adult blood pressure; the systolic pressure > 140 mm / Hg < 160 mm / Hg, or diastolic pressure > 90 mm / Hg < 95 mm / Hg, as "critical hypertension"; systolic blood pressure greater than 160 mm / Hg, or diastolic blood pressure greater than 95 mm / Hg for hypertension. If found themselves for the first time blood pressure in hypertension is critical, recommended for daily measurement of blood pressure, measuring 3 to 6 months, if the blood pressure in the critical or normal, so cannot be diagnosed hypertension, if blood pressure exceeds the critical, can be diagnosed with hypertension. If found themselves for the first time blood pressure exceeds the critical, so every day to measure blood pressure, a few days to measure blood pressure in the critical above, can be diagnosed with hypertension.
      Chen Xinmin said, the sphygmomanometer from measurement points the way mainly has two kinds, one is the arm type, two is the wrist. Electronic blood pressure meter is more convenient wrist, although use, but are often not accurate, particularly with the blood circulation disorder of diabetes, high blood lipids, hypertension people. Because diabetes, hypertension, high blood lipid will accelerate the hardening of the arteries, causing patients peripheral circulation disorders, measured from the wrist blood pressure will be very big and blood pressure measured deviation upper arm, upper arm and relatively near from heart, measured blood pressure is relatively accurate, recommended to choose the arm type sphygmomanometer is better. While the arm blood pressure monitor has two kinds, one kind is the mercury column, another is the electron. General hospitals are using mercury, mercury sphygmomanometer is relatively more accurate, but the blood pressure meter need a certain amount of professional knowledge, the family the use is not convenient. As a family of blood pressure meter, or the purchase of electronic blood pressure meter is suitable arm type.
      Chen Xinmin said, the sphygmomanometer was listed as China's management of measuring instruments in accordance with the law, in the formal purchase store sale sphygmomanometer are generally qualified products. If you do not rest assured of products, in the purchase of arm type electronic blood pressure and timing to do the following two check:
      1 visual inspection: the purchase of the watch manufacturers with signs, including product name, model, measuring cap, manufacturer name and the date of delivery, should indicate the standard number and the approval document number.
      2 precision inspection: the specific measures are as follows: first for blood pressure mercury meter to measure blood pressure, after 3 minutes of rest, using electronic blood pressure meter measuring second times. Then rest for 3 minutes, with mercury sphygmomanometer measurement third. Taking the average of first and third measurement of the value of measuring value, compared with second times for electronic blood pressure, the difference should be less than 5 mm hg. To meet the requirements of electronic blood pressure meter, you can rest assured that the use of.
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